"Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best." - Theodore I. Rubin

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lil update :)

Running training is going well and I am looking forward to the More 1/2 Marathon in New York City on April 25th!! I always love racing in NYC and this time I will be going by myself to the city (for the first time), so it will be a good chance to explore and relax for a couple days. :) I am so excited to do an all women's 1/2 marathon because I have never done an all women's race and this one is about over 10,000 women!! I hope I run super fast too, because after running a loop in Central Park during the NYC 1/2 Marathon back on March 21st, I really think it's a great course suited for my strengths.
I continue to go to Endurance Rehab to get treatment on my foot and it seems like I am making some progress. Once I can take time off and not run on it at all, I have been told it will heal quickly and that the inflammation will go down, etc. I am so sick of the pain, and when I can train at full strength I will probably cry tears of joy instead of sadness like I have been lately!! grrr :(
I am getting more and more excited for Kona too! I have my days where I get nervous about whether I will do as well as I hope, but I have to tell myself to take it one training SESSION (literally) at a time. When I have 4-5 hours + of working out on a given day, I can't worry about the third session, before I even get out of bed, haha :) So far things are going great, and doing things like climbing Lemmon get me extremely excited. I look forward to focusing on the bike and swim when I am taking some time off from running. Swimming in an outdoor pool under the sun makes me more excited to swim, so this summer I plan to be at an outdoor pool as much as possible!
I want to thank my sponsors for their continued support. There is no way I could be doing what I am doing right now without your help! Triple Sports, MarathonGuide.com, Brooks, GU and Endurance Rehab...you all are the best and I love representing all of you on a daily basis!! I hope I continue to do amazing things as an athlete for you!! :)

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  1. Really enjoyed the entry Sally. It is amazing how diverse you are in your athletic ability, while at the same time being Elite at everything you do. Very impressive. Have a great race in NYC ... beat that San Jose time!!!