"Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best." - Theodore I. Rubin

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sleeeep, stubborn + small pains... but continuing to smile :)

I'm pretty sure I have bronchitis but I am failing to really do anything about it such as stop running, go to a doctor or get meds. Instead I continue to train, sleep more, drink tea, eat well and hope for the best! It seems to be getting worse though, so if it sticks around as long as I'm in NYC, I'll go see someone right when I get back to AZ. The tea I bought today is super good though and makes my throat feel better. I have NEVER been a tea drinker, except maybe chai tea lattes years ago before I started on coffee :) However my friend Lindsay gave me some sleepytime tea at her house a couple days ago and I put honey in it and I really liked it! Today I bought some honey vanilla chamomile by Celestial Seasonings and I added honey again and it was delicious.

I know that taking a couple days off from running might help but I'm too friggin stubborn and I don't think that only a couple days off from running will really make it go away. Yes, it's me being stubborn..I know. I just don't want to stop running until it literally prevents me from running or if running actually is painful. Yesterday I did my 15 miler averaging 6:50's with my fastest mile being 6:40. I purposely didn't push super hard since I knew I had something going on in my chest, and it was pouring rain for the last 80% of my run. I ran in Liberty State Park again and it was peaceful once again and seeing the fog covering all the buildings in the city was really cool. I am having a little pain in my left foot where my fascia attaches so it seems maybe my body wants to balance me out and give me PF pain in BOTH feet! grrr...I'm hoping massaging it and taking care of it early will prevent it from getting bad. I also have a little thing in my left upper hamstring at the attachment point but I think it's from a lot of walking and sitting yesterday after my 15 miler in the cold. I'm sure with a lot of good stretching it'll ease it's way out :)

Today I did a hilly 12 miler with 12x1 min hard with 1 min off and I averaged 7 min pace for the whole run, with one mile being a 5:53 somewhere in the middle. I felt very strong and besides some coughing I felt good. I did my drills afterward and have been relaxing most of the day. Sam and I took the bus to get bagels at this amazing family owned bagel place a couple miles from her house. They are seriously double the size of any bagel I've ever bought in AZ, haha. I can't wait to have one for dinner with my gnocchi and sweet pepper marinara sauce :p

My training hours that I've been calculating have gone a little something like this the past few weeks...11, 13.3, 16.25, 15.1 and 17.6. With this week being a 75-77 mile week I'm sure my hours will be even higher. I'm in the process of finding a marathon racing shoe because I think the Brooks T6 is a little too minimal for me. I'm pretty sure I'll order the Brooks ST 4 because it has some stability, so we'll see how it fits and feels in a couple weeks!

Despite all the training, being sick and missing home, I'm still managing to do things to make me smile:) Today I was screeching and talking to my baby loves on gmail video chat with my mom, hahahaha. She put them in front of her camera on her computer and they eventually realized my face was on the screen, but not until I started telling them they were going to go on a car ride, get a treat, mommy misses you, etc....that got their heads moving and their ears perked up! I miss them more than words can explain and my heart aches for the damn day I fly home!! I seriously doubt I'll sleep the night before because I'll be so antsy...11 more full days until I head to AZzzzzz :):)

For a nutrition update...I'm doing great with not eating sweets and junk food! Passing on chips, fries and dessert actually feels good and although it's tempting for 20 seconds, I'm much happier not eating it :) After today it will be 10 days of my no drinking/eating junk food/sweets quest...and yes I'll continue to add up the days, ha.

Quote for today: "Where the way is hardest, there go thou: Follow your own path, and let people talk." - Dante

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